From a Meadow to a Lake

Back before the days of lockdown, Upton – Upon – Severn had already faced the challenges off flooding.  Having only moved to the area just over a year ago, this was my first real experience of how devastating these events can be.  It was sad to see the impact that the rising waters had on some of those in the community and, despite the additional pressures of Covid19, I hope that those affected are now getting back to normal.  During the floods it was amazing to see the community spirit within the area something that I have come to appreciate.

The floods did however bring us some incredible sights. Notwithstanding the power of the water and the River Severn, there was also some beauty.  I always take my camera with me on my walks into Upton and on this particular calm sunny day, Fish Meadow, which by now was completely flooded, appeared to look like a lake of glass.  The reflections of the trees and clouds appeared like a mirror image in the water.  A wonderful sight that I was lucky enough to capture with quite a few shots as I walked by.

These shots are my particular favourite’s.  Two of these I converted into negative images which I think produce an eerie depiction of the beauty that nature always, for me, seems to produce.  It was a great sight to see that day and perhaps an artful reminder of the floods that were seen earlier this year.

All pictures taken on 6th March 2020


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