A year ago, myself and my partner Sam, embarked on a long awaited journey to Asia. Planned since January and after much research on the web and studying maps, its good to be old style, we had an itinerary, one backpack of clothes and a camera bag full of a camera for Sam, one for myself and various lenses.

It had always been planned as a trip to see new things and immerse ourselves in different cultures, but with my passion for photography and now Sam’s growing interest and armed with her new Canon 6D it developed into more of an opportunity to practice the art and post a blog of our adventures.

Sadly, the plan to write a blog as we travelled fell apart.  My error, I chose the wrong web developer.  Now a year on, hooked up with a fantastic new developer and the new website is now up and running so here is the blog that would have been.  It was fun to write the first time round so now it will be great personally, for us both to re-live the memories and the images we captured and to share those memories through the stringphotography website.

Have decided to run the blog in real time as it happened a year ago so heres a sneak peak at a few of the images that we took during the 3 1/2 months that we were away.

Please click on the images for a larger view.

Over the comming weeks and months I will be posting more blogs about the countries we visited and the amazing sights that we saw.  See you in a few days!!!

Russ and Sam