It’s was wonderful to be back in Bangkok, I’ve always loved being there and it’s a city that never ceases to amaze.  Arriving on the 18th June and only planning to be there for 2 days, the pressure was on to make sure Sam, whose first time it was in the city, saw as much as possible in the time we had. There’s so much to do and experience there, both visually and culturally, not to mention the people, who have always been so kind in the past and the assault of all of the other senses that this place always seems to deliver.  Not much time to get over the jet lag then!

Arriving late there was not much chance to get started the day we arrived but an opportunity to sample some great traditional Thai food.  MAYs Urban Thai Dine was just next door to the apartment we had booked.  May is a young Thai entrepreneur who was selling clothes in a local Bangkok market at the age of 19.  10 years on and with a wealth of experience selling street food we were served up incredible food and all the while surrounded by hip décor.

The next day was a full one and we headed out early for the Grand Palace. I may have been there before but, as always, I still marvel at the splendour of this place. A collection of beautiful ornate buildings steeped in a rich history and the official residence of the Thai kings since 1782.  Time to get the camera out. 

An even better photo opportunity was hopping on a long tail and cruising down the Chao Phraya river. Navigating down the myriad of small canals which lead off the river gives a real and alternative perspective of life in Bangkok away from the manic streets of the centre of the capital. Despite its location there was still wildlife to see and even a small floating market away from the tourists.

Of course, being in the area allowed us to visit the incredible Wat Po or Temple of the Reclining Buddha.  A spectacle in itself.

It was also good to catch with some old friends and another highlight was a visit to the Moon Bar, at the top of the Banyan Tree.  Some spectacular views across the city whilst watching the sun go down.  A fitting end to our time in Bangkok.  Next stop Sukhothai.

Russ and Sam