A Photographic Journey

Real people move, they bear with them the element of time. It is this fourth dimension of people that I try to capture in a photograph” – Richard Avedon

A few years ago I visited the Foam Photography Museum in Amsterdam. At that time the museum was showing a collection of photographs by Richard Avedon.  I found myself staring at the  powerful black and white images, especially those from his “In the American West” series which, to me, seemed to penetrate the personality of his subject.  It was a moment that rejuvinated my love for photography.

I first picked up a camera when I was sixteen in the good old days of  film. Of course the technology today is very different from what is was then and in some ways I miss the the anticipation of taking the little canister into a camera shop and seeing how the picture was going to turn out. There was always that confidence of trusting in your own judgment as to the settings and lighting.

Step forward almost 30 years and with the technology available today great photos can come from a variety of sources. I believe in taking what you like to see and what is good to your eye. For me, it’s a bonus if someone likes what you shoot.

My real passion and focus is taking pictures of people, mostly in their natural environments and bringing their characters to life. It always amazes me how one picture can tell so much.

In the last few years I have received many comments on my photographs so I thought it would be nice to have a platform to showcase what I have taken. So here it is. A portfolio of sorts and also an opportunity to purchase my creations.